Dominic Irvine on why you NEED to be at IB Live!

Transcript: Hi, I’m Dom Irvine. I’m the founder of Epiphanies LLP and I really look forward to seeing you at Ingenious Britain Live! I’m supporting Ingenious Britain Live! because 50% of the GDP of this country comes from small business. Small business employs over 24 million people. Now, if we can make a difference to the bottom line of those businesses we can not only benefit them but we can also benefit all of the families of the people involved in those businesses as well. That’s a worthwhile opportunity. Now here’s some amazing statistics for you – there are 5 million small businesses in the UK. Now if we can increase the bottom line of 20% of those by £30,000 that’s the equivalent of a million really good jobs or £1.5 billion to the economy. Now surely that’s worth fighting for.

Small businesses, in order to succeed, need to collaborate. They need to engage with each other. Just think about this – if three or four small businesses get together and collaborate together we can take on any multinational out there, because we have the ability to be adaptable, we have the speed of response and we have the flexibility. The second thing we need to do is we need to think differently. We need to innovate, and in order to do that, come along to Ingenious Britain Live! and hear all sorts of different ideas so you can come up with new ways of doing things and add value to your bottom line. You know, if we get together as small businesses and work more effectively together we can outperform big corporate multinationals across the world because we have the speed of response and the adaptability to do it. It’s got to be worth being there!


Sir Richard Branson talks to Ingenious Britain

Sir Richard Branson recently took the time to talk to Ingenious Britain about collaboration between small businesses.

Transcript: “I feel as though there’s a big value in having a sort of address book full of people trying to build businesses where you can swap ideas, barter products and see how you can piggyback and help each other. That’s something I didn’t have when I started, and I would love to have had a mentor or someone to have held my hand and I just think it just gives people that much better a chance of them getting established, I mean 8 or 9 out of 10 new businesses fail so if one can just increase those odds by 10% that would be brilliant.”