Here at Ingenious Britain we are all about celebrating the brightest and best small businesses, start up and entrepreneurs in the UK today, which includes sharing your content on our website. We are also all about bringing the best advice to our small businesses.


Our hubs are there to support small you in as many aspects of running your small business as possible. These include: Marketing, Technology, Efficiency, Starting Up, Growing your Business, and Money.

Our Start Up Hub is the hub ‘by small business, for small business’. If you are a small business and have a start up story to tell, a roadblock you have overcome, or just a really great bit of advice you wish you had when you started, then this is the place for you.

Anyone can contribute to the rest of our hubs, whether you are again a small business with some handy insight, or a bigger business with some great advice to offer, then we want to hear from you.

However, if you just want to advertise your product, business, or boost your sales, this is NOT the place for you.

Top tips, how to’s and what not to do’s are very well received, as are easy to read pieces. Big blocks of text are never appealing! The reader should be able to implement one of your tips straight away, and the rest should be easily and encouragingly actionable.

Specifications: Any articles published in our hubs are no longer than 800 words, include a two line author bio, and an appropriate and dynamic image (no head shots or logos please). Make sure you know which hub you want to submit to, and have proof read before sending over. 



Have an opinion on a topic important to small business, a news story that impacts small business, comments on the latest surveys, or there is something that really bugs you, then we want to hear from you (so long as its not libellous!).

Specifications: Any guest blogs should be no longer than 400 words, and again include a two line author bio and an appropriate image (no head shots or logos please). Make sure you have proof read before sending over.



These are reserved for small businesses only. If you want to be featured, then email us or fill in the questionnaire (including as much information as possible).


All the above, as well as any writing queries should all be sent to



N.B Website links: Please provide us with all relevant website and social media links. All our links are nofollow by default, as per Googles guidelines. This actually protects them as Google are clamping down on dofollow links in guest posts.